Samstag, 27. März 2010

London 24.3.-26.3.2010: Day 3, 4 and 5

3rd Day

actually we had to tour the Tate Britain for ~2hours
but we were done in 3o min so we just left
in front of the Chelsea Art University

Chinatown here we come (✪ܫ✪)

Millenium Bridge
Tate Modern

St Pauls
...then we went shopping and that made the day perfect

4th Day


miss miss miss Hanoi =(
Meridian 0°0°0°
special thx to the nice viet guy who took that pic for us
cam on anh
good luck on ur studies

don´t ask me why we just ate azn food in england -.-"

British Museum

i had Rainbow Sherbet and Hokey Pokey
my classmate had Cotton Candy and...(sry i forgot)

back from shopping

(btw some ppl asked me where i bought my dress
mwahaha that was a present from Mẹ Thuy
she gave it to me last summer ^^ thx mommy)

5th Day

Oxford Street

ain´t it cool

McDonald´s in London was waaay better than in Ger

@Victoria Station again...
leaving for Ger

@the airport^^
air berlin

i was already tired -.-

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