Freitag, 13. Januar 2012

Nail Art Design: 2012 Year of the Dragon

chinese new year nail art 2012
Hello Beauties,

just a couple more days (Jan 23rd) and we can celebrate the Lunar New Year.
This time it's the year of the Dragon.
Actually I planned something with blue (since the element for this year is water) but somehow I end up using red again.
In Asia red is the color of luck and gold stands for prosperity so yeah using it should not be that wrong. (^.~) To the design: obviously you can see the Dragon and the Year 2012. Then I added the typical vietnamese boy (thousand years ago this hairstyle was the sHIT) and the word Tết which is vietnamese for the new year holiday.

I use a sponge and dip the red color on my nails,
then i apply the essence dance top coat on

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