Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Nail Art Design: WANTED Monkey D. Luffy

dead or alive! nail art for One Piece protagonist Luffy

The man, who was revealed over the course of the ultimate war to be the adoptive brother of Portgas D. Ace, the son of the revolutionary Dragon, and what's more the gradson of our very own vice-admiral Garp...the Pirate Monkey D. Luffy!
He was the one who took down Crocodile, who was responsible for the incident at Enies Lobby, beated a Tenryuubito, invaded Impel Down and took a huge part in the war of the best two years ago. After that he came back to Marine HQ with none other than the traitor and former Shichibukai Jimbe and the former first mate of the pirate king's crew "Dark King" Rayleigh. Now two years later he was seen again on the Sabaody Archipelago. Don't underestimate him! He uses devil's fruit power & has a bounty of 400,000,000 beli, a pirate from the worst generation!

Today is the birthday of the protagonist of One Piece and since I'm a sucker for that Manga I dedicate this nail art to him. Inpired by his bounty poster I did the newspaper technique and draw his bounty picture. I'm sure there will be new bounty posters soon but for now I added the one we saw in chapter 662 (when Harpy Mone read the news) on my ring finger. On my left hand you can see the Gum Gum fruit and the Mugiwara jolly roger. Ah, and Luffy's face is in the same angle as Ace's when I did his NA...thought that would be a nice touch (^_^)
Happy Birthday to Monkey D. Luffy, the man who is going to be the next pirate king!

Nach langem mal wieder ein One Piece nail art,  diesmal zu Ehren von Käpt'n Monkey D. Ruffys Geburtstag ^^ Inpiriert von seinem Kopfgeld Poster hab ich die Methode mit dem Zeitungsdruck gemacht, auf meinen Ringfinger seht ihr außerdem das vielleicht neue poster (war im Kapitel 662 zu sehen). Gum Gum Frucht und Stohhut Flagge sind auf der linken Hand... Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Stohhut Ruffy! 

What I used:
essence colour&go 81 no doubt (light grey - newspaper base)
8 newspaper pieces + alcohol 
oumaxi acrylic paints in black and/or a black nailart pen
Manhattan M&Buffalo nail polish 95E (Luffy's skin color)
p2 color victim 500 eternal (hair / jolly roger background)
p2 color victim 730 hug me! (strawhat), Nail Art Colors Nailart pen in Red (hat band)
Manhattan Quick Dry 11A (teeth/ Skull)
essence I LOVE BERLIN LE 01 love this city (gums)
Manhattan all in one nail polish 65 (gomu gomu no mi)


  1. I'm not a One Piece fan but I like this a lot!!!

    1. aww thank u so much! means a lot to get such a comment from a non-OP fan

  2. Omg One Piece! It looks great! love your designs :)
    I hope, you like my designs,too :)

    1. thank you hon, I'll definitely check out your blog ^^

  3. ooo wow fantastic! You are amazing:)
    love your style:D

    invite to me