Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

2NE1's I LOVE YOU nail wheel

 Hello beauties,

originally I wanted to do some 2ne1 nail art next week but the MV for their single I LOVE YOU is so inspiring that I had to do some painting now. But since I just did my nails recently and still love it, I thought I could use a nail wheel ^^ My first one actually. CL, Bom and Minzy have gorgeous nails in the video, too bad we couldn't see a close up of Dara's. I will still do a 2NE1 I love you nail art on my hands next week, so you can be excited about which design from this nail wheel I'm going to use (or will I use some other ones? keke). Anyways, hope you like this and happy Sunday!
Love, Kiss n Bye

Update: here it is, my 2ne1 i love you inpired nail art 

CL's shirt, her shoes even the background (2nd scene) was inspiring!
my version of CL's nails..she has 2 NA: the one at the beginning
(I use small butterlies since it's more wearable) and the gold, glitter one

this should represent Dara's dress, her jacket and her wonderful hair!
Minzy's green, snake skin jacket and her japanese style nail art, which I love

Bom's dress and the most gawjus NA! I'm sure this looks way better on your actual nails

BTW: I'm thinking of dying my hair like Bom in the video..what do you think?


  1. I love all those nails :)
    amazing post!!