Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Nail Art Design: Heart Pirates

One Piece nailart: Heart Pirates

Hello Nakamas!

There won't be a new chapter this week so I thought I'd give you a nail art design instead.

Former-Bounty: 440.000.000 Berry

I was kinda suprised that Law appeard this soon in the story again, but he's one of my fav characters so I was happy about it too. We don't know yet what happend to his crew but I'm sure Oda will have some good explainations for that as well. I mean.. he's freakin ODA!
Well, nevertheless I added the Heart Pirate members for this nail art: Penguin, Shachi, Jean Bart and Bepo (on my left hand). On my right hand you can see their jolly roger and their badass captain.

Hope you like it and please check out my other ONE PIECE nail arts as well

Love Peace n Bye

One Piece nails: Trafalgar Law

One Piece nails: Penguin / Shachi / Jean Bart / Bepo


  1. omg.Your design came out so cool.I like it a lot.
    and thanks for your comment.kisses

  2. hey, also das mit dem award hab ich jetzt nicht gemacht
    aber ich hab dich in meinem blogroll verlinkt :)
    schau einfach mal auf meinem blog und dann bei blogroll