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Nail Art Design: ONE PIECE movie Z / 30 Day Challenge

One Piece nail art inspired by the new film Z

Zu Zeiten wie diese ärgere ich mich wirklich, dass ich nicht in Japan lebe oder zumindest jetzt dort sein kann. Heute (gestern) kommt der Film One Piece Z raus. Die Strohhutbande bestreitet nun nach TS in der neuen Welt ihr erstes Abenteuer (filmmäßig zumindest). Der Gegner heißt Z, ein ehemaliger Admiral der Marine. Er soll der bis jetzt stärkste Gegner der Bande sein. Ich bin besonders auf die Cameo-Auftritten von Aokiji, Kizaru und Garp gespannt. Da Oda auch hier für die Produktion mit verantwortlich war, wird Z sicher mindestens so gut wie Strong World.
Und als hätte er nicht genug zu tun (manga, SBS, covers, movie) liefert er uns dieses unglaubliche color spread (hier). Wahnsinn oder?!

Mein nail art ist an den Promo Bildern orientiert. Ihr seht die Flagge von Z und das Shirt von unserem zukünftigen König der Piraten im Film.
Außerdem hab ich beschlossen hier die One Piece 30 Day Challenge zu machen, nur dass ich alles gleich beantworte anstatt in 30 Tagen (und auf eng; vorsicht spoiler!). ^.^ Na, noch jemand so OP besessen wie ich?

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At times like this it's really frustrating that you don't live in Japan or at least be there for now. The new One Piece movie Z was released today (yesterday). It's going to be the first adventure for the straw hats post time skip (movie-wise). Z is the antagonist's name, a former admiral. He is supposed to be the "strongest enemy" til now. I am especially excited to see Aokiji, Kizaru and Garp. The movie was overseen by Oda so I'm sure it will be at least as good as Strong World. And as if he has not enough work (manga, sbs, covers, movie) Oda gave us this incredible color spread (here). Sick, isnt it?!
My nail art is based on the promo pictures: Z's jolly roger and the shirt of our future king of pirates. 
I also decided to do the One Piece 30 day challenge here (spoilers!), just that I won't do it in 30 days but straightaway ^.^ Anyone else who is addicted to this manga?

• Day 1: Favorite Mugiwara pirate
I would say Luffy, Zoro and Nami but if I have to choose one it's going to be Luffy. I really like it when he shows his mature, captain side (e.g. makes the decision to get a new ship or to seperate the crew for now on Sabaody). After 15 years Luffy is like a good old friend to me.

• Day 2: Favourite flashback scene
I have two actually: first is the last scene of Romance Dawn when Shanks rescues Luffy and the promise of course; second when Ace recieves Sabo's letter and starts crying and here again the promise between the two brothers to live life without regrets - heartbreaking! :(

• Day 3: Favourite villain/ess
One Piece has many good villians like Croco-boy, Enel, Flamingo,...But I think my favourite would be Buggy. He's like Prince Pillaw of Dragonball. Weak, kinda good for nothing but he reappears over and over and gives the story its lightness and comedy. During East Blue I thought of him as an annoying character but since Impel Down I really like him, he surely has a good heart deep down. Captain Buggy sama!!!

• Day 4: Favourite arc and why

Oh, an easy one: Sabaody Archipelago! It offers everything: new awsome characters (Ray, supernovae, Kizaru etc), action (captain trio, Pacifista fight), storyline, informations, message (slave trade), fun (Duval), emotions (mugiwara's total defeat)... I always read/ watch that arc when I'm bored.

• Day 5: Favourite island
I liked the concept of Water Seven a lot. The architecture, the weather (except Aqua Laguna), the sea train, strong men who protects the city (Galley-La) and a wonderful mayor. According to Luffy they also have very delicious meat ^^

• Day 6: Favourite female character
Nami. She's smart, brave, brings order to the crew and despite her love for money and being "weak" she's always there for her friends when they need her (e.g. she didn't hestitate to use their money to free Camie and didn't say a thing when Luffy attacked that Tenryuubito even though an admiral would come). Nami is great! I like Jewelry Bonnie a lot too though we haven't seen much of her.

• Day 7: Favourite male character
My one and only: Portgas D. Ace. He's a badass who is still funny without trying to/knowing it, plus he has great manners! The moment I saw him in OP I fell in love with him.

• Day 8: Most moving/inspirational/emotional scene
Hard one. There are so many like Vivi's goodbye, Luffy&Usopp fighting each other, Merry's funeral, Strawhats being seperated, Bon-chan's sacrifice, Ace's death,  Whitebeard's treasure.. and those are only the sad ones! We also have moments like Mugiwaras declaring war on the world government, Zoro's sacrifice on Thriller Bark, Luffy saying that he doesn't want to conquer anything, Flamingo's speech at Marine Ford, Dadan beating Garp, Pacifista fight post time skip,... I won't decide on one but those I name are my favs.

• Day 9: Favourite new character (of wherever you’re currently up to)

I read the chapters weekly when they come out so currently they are on Punk Hazard. Here I like Vergo-san a lot. Baby 5 seems to be an very interesting character too.

• Day 10: Worst arc and why

Thriller Bark. Many like it because of the zombies but I don't like zombies and Moria was a pain, totally annoying.  Other than Brook joining the crew, Perona and the last part with Kuma it was good for nothing.

• Day 11: Favourite pirate flag

Mugiwara jolly roger. It represents true friendship to me and everything OP stands for. Luffy's version of it is my desktop pic actually. I love it when he draws something!  Design-wise I like the Baroque works flag a lot.

• Day 12: Favourite running joke or gag
Duval not being able to wink, Ivankov's "...or NOT! Heehaw!"- jokes, Garp/Luffy/Ace being narcoleptics

• Day 13: Favourite Supernova
(don't consider Luffy,Zoro here) Law Law Law! From his sleepy eyes to his tattoos to his sick devil fruit power to his formal way of speaking to his intelligence... who could not love him. As I mentioned before I like Bonnie a lot too and hope to see her soon in the story again (tough girl with pink hair who eats whatever she wants without getting fat? - hell, I wanna be her!)

• Day 14: Favourite character interactions
OP has the best character interactions! Zoro&Luffy's are very deep, Nami with the crew, Duval/Sanji crack me up everytime. For favourite...maybe Garp with his grandkids. He punches them everytime he sees them but in a weird way those scenes show pure love. In the flashbacks you can also tell how much Luffy & Ace actually love and respect Garp.Yeah, Luffy and Ace are special. I have to name them too! Luffy is different with Ace, still him yes, but you can tell that he's the "weak" little brother (unlike when he's with his crew where he's the strongest) who looks up to his nii-chan. Remember how Luffy insists on Ace's promise not to die, how desperate he was? Beautiful scene. I love this family!

• Day 15: Favourite Marine
Garp. He's one of those characters you can't hate. I liked him immediately.

• Day 16: Most hated character and why

When Ace died I really hated Akainu! But now I appreciate him as a villian. He's so sick with his sense of justice and isn't it the job of a villian to make you hate him? So in that way  isn't he a good villian? Haha whatever. Well, I didn't like Moria but for "hate" I would go with Wapol and Wonze. It's those small fishes who are annyoing as hell and you just want to kick their butt!  Oh, wait! I know who I hate.. Saint Charlos! No words needed right? That damn mofo...

• Day 17: Favourite Shichibukai
Ugh, damn One Piece why do you have so many awsome characters... I listed Law already as my fav supernova so I won't consider him here. We have Sir Crocodile with his mafia look and his brilliant mind and coolness. We have Mihawk, the best swordsman. Almost everything this man says is quoteable. Jinbe, strong and wise. Hancock who is such a beast (when she's not aroud Luffy). Flamingo, a crazy bamf whose speech at marine ford is one of the best in the series. His evilness is actually the most appealing thing about him. Last but not least Kuma. Revolutionary. Human Weapon. We know little about this man. But when it comes down I think he is my favourite Shichibukai. The calmly way he speaks can be pretty scary. Boy, he's a pirate who works for the government but actually is a revolutionary (or was?) WTF

• Day 17: Most epic/exciting scene
One Piece consists of epic scenes. But the one which comes immediately in my mind  is when Luffy punches that Tenryuubito! Damn, I wanted to hit that mofo so much and it was such a satisfaction when Luffy did it for us.

• Day 18: Favorite Pirate that isn’t a Mugiwara

Ok, one who isn't a Mugiwara, Ace, Shichibukai or Supernova (since I answerd that already).. Still a hard question but I will go with Shanks. An honorable man with a great way of thinking. Fight only when it's worth it, do everything you can for your friends, don't get mad because of small things.. he taught Luffy a lot. Even with only one arm he became a Yonko, he respects his rivals (Whitebeard) and is being respected (Mihawk). This man is not only strong physically but has a strong heart and mind as well. If I'm allowed to choose another one it would be Marco, the phoenix. I have a weak spot for guys with sleepy eyes (him, Ace, Law) hihi

• Day 19: Favorite Cipher Pol member
Kaku or Lucci, Kaku or Lucci.. Kaku! When Iceberg told Pauly about the secret I was kinda mad that it wasn't Kaku and when it came out that he was a CP9 agent I was really shocked. But it doesn't change that I like him. Sleepy look is one but manners are another weakness of mine for guys (Ace, Law, Kaku - they say he speaks like an old man haha)

• Day 20: Favourite fight scene

Mugiwaras fighting the pacifistas, Sentoumaru and Kizaru. It was desperate, there was nothing they could do and for the first they were totally defeated! Goosebumps~ I like the idea that the heroes (excuse me, I mean pirates! they won't share meat or sake hehe) aren't super strong but have to become strong and in oder to be so they have to go through both victory and defeat, running away and shedding tears (yes, I'm quoting Shanks)

• Day 21: Favourite Luffy fight

The best one was probably with Lucci.  Against Croco-boy he used water, with Enel he was lucky to be a rubber man, the others weren't that strong, he losts or didn't fight properly. Against Lucci he had to give his everything and even invented new techniques (gear 2nd/3rd).

• Day 22: Favourite race and/or creature
The Kung Fu Dugongs. Aren't they the cutest thing on earth?!! (at least in the OP world)

• Day 23: Island or place you’d most like to visit and why

Though I like Water Seven as a city very much I would prefer to go to Skypiea. I think there's a way to build a place like W7 in the real world or even Fishman Island (maybe just not that deep) but to live in the sky? Not possible at all which makes me wanna go even more.

• Day 24: Cutest/Sexiest female character
Cute is Portgas D. Rouge for me. Sexy maybe Dadan or Kokoro. No, I'm just kidding haha Sexy is definitely Nami (she can also be pretty cute)

• Day 25: Cutest/Sexiest male character
You should know the answer by now: ACE!!! My bias, he's both.. his coolness and power: sexy, his politeness and narcolepsy: cute

• Day 26: Favourite Filler and Movie
I don't really watch the fillers but the one I've watched and liked was the G8 filler. That was pretty good. And for movie Strong World of course. You could totally tell that Oda was in charge of it. Now I am excited to watch Z.

• Day 27: Favourite thing about the One Piece universe
The devil fruits. I'm not a good swimmer to begin with so hey, no lost for me actually haha

• Day 28: What got you in to One Piece?
As a manga fan I've heard about it before and when they showed the anime (on german tv) I started to watch it since I knew that it's pretty famous. Well, unlike others I really liked the art style of OP, it's unique and fits to the story and characters. At that time I only liked the serie not love.  I didn't even watched every episode back then, stopped after Alabasta arc (to my defense: at that age going out with friends was more important to me than watching TV and for mangas I didn't have money). Then my brother has started to watch it again and told me Ace died in the manga (which shocked me, even though I wasn't so much into OP I really loved Ace). But +500 episodes? Ain't nobody got time for that! And my brother also told me that they're not even half done yet with the serie. Ugh. Then I had my finals. You know when you have to do a certain thing (esp. when it's studying) you want to do everything else but that.. so I started watching One Piece again from episode one without the intention to watch it wholly(btw I still passed all of my exams with good grades; studying is important nevertheless).Well, here I am today, addicted to this show and sometimes even forget that it's only fiction (because it's so detailed). The first arcs are good but not soo special (at first). But with Water Seven the story shows its depth and continues to be awsome. Not only that, with every new arc I started to appreciate the older ones more. Scenes where Chopper says he wants to become a monster to protect his friends make me cry because of previous arcs (here his flashback) or Nami's desire to help Luffy after Ace died.. if you know what she went through and how much he helped her, it's no wonder why she acts like this. Oda's creativity is amazing, not one charater is like the other, their development is great and he keeps side characters relevant. His messages are clear but you always feel light and not guilty or pressured by it. He shows that being different is not bad (speaking reindeer, transvestite, fishman,etc), it's the inside that counts. I could go on and on, it's perfect!

• Day 29: Favourite song or theme music

Soge ki no shima de~ Umareta orewa~ Hyaba tsu hyachu~ Lululalalu
Sogeking song of course!
Fav theme music is "Share the world" (but I have to say the video to "we fight together" is the best)

• Day 30: Funniest moment
There are many but the moment Duval takes off his mask, you see the Mugiwaras' reaction and then his face puahahahahaha priceless!

In case you've done this challenge as well feel free to leave me the link to it in the comment section!


  1. I semi understand your manicure. My friends love this so I know details about the show because of the. I have been told I should actually watch it :P

    1. Yeah you should definitely watch it, best show ever ^^