Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Nail Art Design: 2013 Year of the Snake

chinese new year nail art 2013 year of the snake


hier ist wie gestern versprochen mein Nageldesign und es ist für das chinesische Neujahr (10.02.2013), wobei es auch in Korea, Japan, Vietnam,.. gefeiert wird.
Da ich für mein Silvester Nageldesign schon silber verwendet hab, kommt hier nun eine ganze Ladung gold! ^.^ Die Schlangen auf meinen Fingern bilden die Zahl 2013. Ich hab versucht es kalligraphisch aussehen zu lassen. An meinem Daumen ist das chinesische Schriftzeichen für Schlange.  Dieses Jahr ist ein ganz besonderes für mich, da ich selbst im Jahr der Schlange geboren wurde. Deshalb kommt hierzu auch noch einige Nageldesigns (hoffentlich schaffe ich es alles zeitlich -.-") Was ich mir für das Jahr nail-art technisch vorgenommen hab?  - mehr Disney nailarts, mehr Anime nailarts, mehr mit Acrylfarben arbeiten, mehr abstrakte designs
Dürft also gespannt sein mwahaha ^.^

this nailart is for the chinese new year (Feb 10th) whereby it is also celebrated in Korea, Japan, Vietnam,...  Since I already used silver for my NYE nailart this design is overloaded with gold. The snakes form the nummer 2013. I tried to make it look callographic. On my thumb I draw the chinese character for snake. This year is very special to me because I was born in the year of the snake. Therefor I will make several designs for the new year (hopefully I will have enough time for it) My nail art resolutions for this year? - more Disney nailarts, more anime nailarts, working more with acrylic paints, more abstract designs..
You may be curious mwahaha ^.^

Love Peace n a wonderful weekend!


  1. Antworten
    1. thank you :) I used MILANI's 3D Holographic nail lacquer in 510 3D

  2. It looks super cool! I love that gold, by the way! And is not 89 the year of the snake? Because that's my year and it's what I was told... But as I am from january I should belong to the previous chinese year? Am I getting it right or am I just very confused? Haha!

    1. Yes, 1989 is the year of the snake and my year as well ^.^ Hmm.. it's a bit complicated when you're born in Jan, since the chinese zodiacs rely on the lunar calendar and new year is always somewhere between end of Jan and mid Feb (sun calendar). You have to check out when 1989 the new year was and if it's after your Bday then your sign is that from the previous year, which is in your case Dragon.
      Oh holy moly I hope you understand my bad explaination xD

  3. These are really cool! The snake numbers are a clever idea and I definitely see the 'calligraphy' look you were going for. Nice job! :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you can see the calligraphy look cause my mom thought it's just messy xD