Montag, 25. März 2013

BLEACH nail art: Urahara Kisuke

Hello my dears,

today's nail art is all about Urahara Kisuke, a character from the manga/ anime Bleach by Tite Kubo. I've started watching Bleach last year and stopped somewhere in between because of exams and vacations but now I want to catch up on it as soon as possible.
Well, the nail art is quite simple so I don't think I have to explain much. I'm not very happy with how it turns out, the stripes are pretty messy and his face looks a bit strange but it was already 2am so I wasn't in the mood to do it again. Pinky promise to do better next time!

Bleach nail art nr2 - Urahara Kisuke

Moving to something else...
I usually check out peoples' profiles when they follow me or like my pictures on instagram. So there was this girl who likes my Bleach nail art and even followed me. As usual I stopped by her page and what did I see there? MY Bleach nail art.
I actually don't mind when people share my nail art pictures as long as they credit me. I mean, I saw my Ace nail art on tumblr but when you click on that pic, it will lead you to my page so that's totally fine for me. But she didn't even bother to mention my name or my page or anything. It's not like she didn't know where it comes from... she just liked the original one and followed the owner!!
I wrote her a comment,  I would appreciate it that she likes my works but she shouldn't take my pictures without asking me or crediting me. And I stated that my nails are natural because she wrote that they're acrylics -.-" (which makes me a bit more angry than the fact that she stole my picture haha) I even put a smiley to the comment in order to sound friendly.
Well, do you think she bothered to apologize or even reply? NO.
She just deleted my comment and unfollowed me. WTF?
Let's say she forgot it or didn't think about it..the moment she read my comment she should apolgize to me or credit me afterwards or delete my picture. Stupid bitch.
I know this is a small incident, it's instagram after all, the internet works like that, I'm just too naive blablabla.. I know it all. But still..Was it so hard to simply ask me? Well, as I said, I am quite naive, always believing in the good. ^.^
Sorry that you have read my whim. *sigh*
Lesson learned - more or less. It's not like I can do anything about it. I'm the one who wants to share her works afterall and luckily she's belongs to the few stupids on the planet.
Enough now, Anhy!
I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous start in the new week!

Love Peace n Mwah!

UPDATE: she took this one as well, not asking me AGAIN! Serioulsy? O_o *beep*


  1. great blog!love your nails!do you want to follow each other?

    originailly, eliana

  2. Finde ich sehr schön, ich mag die Streifen! Werde meine Nägel morgen auch machen, mal schauen, hihi :D
    Das, was du gesagt hast, ist für mich kein 'small incident' - ich hasse sowas wirklich! ): Aber du hast ja eine Art Wasserzeichen drauf, mach dir keine Sorgen...! (:

    1. Ich hasse sowas auch!! Kleinigkeit daher weil ich schon echt schlimmere Sachen gehört hab. Meine Freundin hat von sich ein fake account gefunden...also bei nailart und so versteh ich es noch irgendwie aber wozu ein Account von einer ganz anderen Person nachahmen? Leute haben echt nichts zutun. -.-" Zum Glück hatte ich auf den Bild mein Zeichen drauf, weil auf istagram vergess ich es machmal xD
      Bin schon gespannt auf deine Nägel^^ Dann nicht vergessen zu bloggen oder mindestens twittern ;)

  3. at first- this design is awsome, I was stunned with your thumb!

    Lesson learned, you are righ! But... I'm just curious if she learned her own... :/

    1. THANK YOU :x
      I don't think so..I doubt that she even cared, it's the internet afterall, people can hide behind their PCs

    2. yep, it becomes more and more common that people believe that they are allowed to do everything what they want to over the Internet...

  4. Argh! I do not have a slight appreciation for people like her! It's just plain rude! I'm so sorry it has happened to you :( These people makes sharing on the internet such a non-fun place.

    On the bright side, AH BLEACH I KNOW!!! LOL!!! ANd Urahara is one of my favourite character! (Although, I've given up following the anime... in some of the anime, the drawings just wasnt done right. and the story became too draggy for my taste). But still, I love this manicure! And on the bright side, Your works are so awesome that people are willing to steal it! ;)

    1. Urahara is one of my fav as well!! He's so calm and serious(?) but he can change his personality in an instant and be all dorky and funny ^^
      Tite Kubo's art style is actually really good but his lacks in backgrounds makes it hard to appreciate the whole drawing (standard example: The heart.) Of course that influence the anime in a way or another. About the story line..yeah, Kubo is a total troll and some stuffs seems to be repeating. I for one don't think it can keep up with One Piece (the number of sales kinda proves it) but overall it's still a good manga.

      And thank you so much for your encouraging words!!! Means a lot to me :x

  5. Hey c:
    hab grade dein Blog gefunden und WOW!
    ich finde ihn richtig toll *-*
    Hast jetzt eine Leserin mehr c:
    würde mich freuen, wenn du mal bei mir vorbeischaust und mir vllt. sogar folgst c:
    LG Cicco

    1. Die schreibt auch bei jedem das selbe runter ö__Ö

  6. Owww, du bist so süß, danke! (:

    Boah, so Fake-Accounts...den Sinn dahinter werde ich auch nie verstehen. Man bekommt im Prinzip Komplimente für Dinge, die man gar nicht gemacht hat und fühlt sich dann gut, oder was? ö__Ö Ich würde mich eher scheiße fühlen, mal ehrlich -__-

    Ich blogge mein neues Naildesign dann in jedem Fall! (: Hab's bisher nur leider doch nicht geschafft -__- Aber vllt. heute!

  7. I love Urahara Kisuke and this design is so awesome! :D

    1. hhehe I love Urahara too ^-^ Makes me very happy that you like this