Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Recreated: Leopard Hearts

Pinkoolaid hat letztens die Scans zu Nail Ups März Ausgabe gezeigt. Dort entdeckte ich dieses Nageldesign und wollte es unbedingt ausprobieren. Es ist einfach so wunderschön, elegant mit Pep und die Farben dazu gefallen mir auch sehr gut.
Mein Sailor Neptun Naildesign wird dann wohl bis Ende der Woche warten müssen. Der Hauptgrund warum ich dieses hier zuerst gemacht hab war auch, dass ich die nächsten Tagen mir Freunden unterwegs bin und feiern geh (immerhin hab ich die ganzen Osterfeiertage brav gearbeitet ^.~). Jaja, da hätte Neptun nicht so gepasst :P
Findet ihr recreate Designs "schlimm"?
Bei anderen denk ich mir gar nichts dabei, doch wenn ich es mache, komm ich mir manchmal so unkreativ vor. Dabei mach ich sie nichtmal weil mir Ideen ausgehen, sondern einfach nur weil sie mir gefallen. Trotzdem... Dann gibt's widerum Tage, an denen mich das kein bisschen juckt. Ist wohl so eine Phasensache bei mir. Wie steht ihr so dazu?

I love leo print nail arts! ^^

Hey Yo,
a few days ago Pinkoolaid posted the Nail Up's march magazine scans. I discoverd this nailart there and wanted to try it out immediately. It's just so beautiful, sophisticated with pep and I also like the colors very much. 
That's why my Sailor Neptune nailart will have to wait til weekend. The main reason why I choose to do this design first is because I will meet some friends and partying the next couple of days (don't judge, I worked a lot during the easter holidays ^.~) so obviouly a Neptune design wouldn't suit.  :P
Do you think recreated designs are "bad"?
When others do them I do not think anything of it but when I do it I sometimes feel very uncreative. It's not even because of my lack of ideas, I just recreate things because I like them but still.. Well, then again there are days when I don't care about that at all. A phase thing I'd say.  What are your thoughts on recreated nailarts? 

Love Peace n Bye 

 Polishes used:
p2 miss french 030 Thai orchid (base)
Milani nail lacquer 42A Thai-Tea (heart shapes)
p2 color victim 900 next exit: party! (leo prints)
Nghia Beauty O'colors nail art pen black (leo prints)
essie Aruba Blue


  1. They look perfect! No wonder why, your nails are gorgeous and your freehanding skills are a source of envy for me... Love the result, and the colors look fab together :)
    As for recreating other people's manis, I think it's not a bad thing at all. Don't we all look at blogs to get inspired? It's a way of learning from one another, and I don't see the harm in that, as long as we credit who is to be credited. Once you master a technique you can add your own twist!

    1. yeah I think so too. It's because I usually use other nail arts as inspirations but for this one I completely copied it xD Kinda weird haha

  2. When I first saw these, I was like "Oh, perfectt party nails!" Go on and have a blast! ;)

    Nah, recreating nail arts are more than welcome as long as credits are given to who they are dued. But I understand where you're coming from, being one who has been doing your own thing.. hahaha you'd never get that satisfaction without putting a piece of you (your own twist) in them :) I'd say, if you still have time to spare, go on add a few twist to it so you won't get bored too soon. Hahaha!

    In the end, it's all still good :) No harm done with recreating manicures.

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to say xD

  3. Very pretty japanese style nail art ;)

  4. Wow! This is awesome leopard nails! Looks totally Kawaii <3

  5. Saubere Arbeit - bin auch hin und weg von Leo Mustern ♥ Hast du schon was gehört von dem neuen Trend 'Leather Nails' , d.h. Nagellack, der aussieht als wäre es eine Lederschicht? Soll ja DER Trend 2013 werden^^.

    Zu deinem Kommentar:
    JYJ wer? (^.^)°...ach, das ist eine Koreanische Boy Band?!! xD -ne also Fan bin ich jetzt auch nicht, aber die Tasche ist auf jedenfalls sehr praktisch :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  6. I love the color combination! well done sweetie! ♥