Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Spring in Fairyland

wieder ein Blumendesign - und ganz sicherlich nicht das Letzte in diesem Frühling/Sommer!
Ich  hab's derzeit mit Koralle und dieser Lack im Kombination mit dem Konfetti-glitzer schaut so traumhaft aus *__* Als hätte man Feenstaub an den Nägeln...
Ansonsten, gibt's eigentlich auch nichts Neues was ich euch berichten kann.
Schönen Muttertag und bis zum nächsten Mal ^.^

another floral design - and surely not the last one this spring/summer!
I'm really into corals these days and this polish with the confetti glitter looks so dreamy *__* Like pixie dust on the nails..
Apart from that, there's nothing new to report actually.
Have a great mother's day, see you next time!

Love Peace n Bye
floral nail arts with acrylic paints

Products used:
catrice ultimate nail lacquer 20 meet me at coral island 
essence nail art special effect topper 02 circus confetti
oumaxi acrylic paints in white & orange
jas nail art colors in purple
essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shine
butterfly nail stickers


  1. Your nails are suuuuper long and so gorgeous! :D I loved the video too! ^^ I wouldn't be able for the life of me to recreate those flowers, which is too bad because they are beautiful!

    1. Just give it a try ^^ Practise is all you need. My first ones look horrible, not a tiny bit like flowers haha Also try acrylic paints, it'll be easier to work with them than nail polishes since they don't dry so quick ;)

  2. Oh the flowers are so lovely and they remind me of days at the beach and hawaiian flowers! I love the added purple outline of the flowers it made the flowers look so much more interesting! :) Haha! Totally love that you added the glitters too, they always go so well with flowers and gives the whole look a great touch! Do love the butterfly sticker too! Hahaha! It actually looks like the butterflies were going around sprinkling glitters all over the flowers, beautifying them! ;)

  3. This design is awesome!!! you know...ehhh... I cannot paint flowers! :( I've been practising roses form many tutorials and yesterday I managed to paint something that looks like a rose. Your flowers are amazing. I'll learn how to make it with your video :)
    I am the Sand Queen and you are... the Flower Queen! :D

    1. Yaay new nickname ^.^ Love it, thank you!

  4. oh gott wie schön! Es ist echt toll dass du jetzt auch Videos dazu machst, denn die Technik für die Blumen hätte ich sonst nie erraten. Super!

    1. Das freut mich unheimlich das zu hören! Vielen vielen Dank! :x

  5. Hey, ich hab dich für den “Versatile Blogger Award” nominiert :) Ich hab deinen Blog verlinkt, wenn du willst kannst du es dir hier ankucken: Spark&Bark - Versatile Blogger Award
    Wenn du kein Spielverderber sein möchtest, kannst du ihn ja weiter reichen, ansonsten fühl dich einfach geehrt ;D

    PS: Total süßes Design :)