Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

When time isn't measurable anymore...

On friday my mom suddenly came to me, screaming and crying. I didn't understand a word first. Just my cousin's name. She had a car accident.
Beforehand: Her condition is much better now but still bad and the docters said we have to wait a few days and see.
The moment I heard about the accident, I thought I was in a parallel universe, a nightmare, but not the world  as we know it. That was the only logical explaination to me.
Horror, pain, despair,... all those words get a different meaning once you feel them.
The clock was a ticking bomb, all we could do was waiting, waiting for the operation to be over, waiting for my aunt to call, waiting for news.. Never in my life I felt so powerless.
And everytime when the phone was finally ringing, my heart stopped beating. Nothing but fear through my body. As if not knowing could stop time..

I was really unsure wheather to post this or not. But I think even though we know how short life is, even though we hear, see and read about all the clichés constantly, we still need reminders. To tell ourselves again not to take anything for granted, to tell ourselves again that a second can change everything, how important it is to appreciate what we have. This is what this blog post is about.
Every "problem" I had seem so unimportant now and I'd be willing to give up everything I have for my cousin to be healthy. Seeing her in pain breaks my heart and it makes me crazy inside.
You might know her from some of my blog posts, we spent our vacation in Mallorca together and she's the one with the gorgeous nails.  I babysit her when I was ten and she only couple of months old, and I still do "babysit" her to this day actually. It's needless to say that she's everything to me. We just talked about going to a korean restaurant together since she has autumn break now..
So, make sure your loved ones know how much you love them. Take good care of yourself, cause you mean the world to your family and friends. And appreciate and concentrate on the "little" things in life.
All I could think of the past days was to eat ice cream with my baby, to bake with her, to watch anime with her. Believe me, in the end you will regret not enjoying those everyday things. They say it all the time but it's really not about money or other materialistic stuffs. Don't let horrible things happen first to realize that.
I will be at my aunt's place next week, trying to help and support her as much as I can and take care of my other cousin, therefore I most probably won't be able to blog, nor to read yours, I apologise in advance.
Again, take care and stay healthy!


  1. Oh Anhy das tut mir so leid. Ich wünsche dir, deiner Familie und vor allem deiner Cousine nun ganz viel Kraft und vor allem dass sie schnell wieder gesund wird! Hoffentlich wird alles gut :(
    alles Liebe

  2. You're so right, Anhy... I am so sorry about what's happening to your cousin and you, and I hope she'll feel better in a short while. Hugs and more hugs!

  3. Anhy! I will be keeping her in prayers as well as all of you! It is a tough time but please, stay strong and stay positive! I'm glad her condition did improve! I pray that her condition will only keep improving! --- (((hugs!))) And tell your cousin to be strong too! -- I'm looking forward to see her featured here again!

    Hugs and kisses!

  4. sehr schön geschrieben. Ich wünsche deiner Familie viel Kraft und deiner Cousine gute Besserung.
    Meine Mutter hatte vor zwei Wochen, gerade als wir aus dem Urlaub zurück kamen, eine Lungenembolie. Es ist für uns unvorstellbar, dass sie daran so plötzlich hätte sterben können, obwohl sie bis zu diesem Tag gesund war. Zum Glück ist sie wohl auf. Aber dadurch kann ich deinen Post sehr gut nachvollziehen, denn diese Gedanken hatte ich in den letzten Tagen natürlich auch öfter...

  5. oh nein :( ich wünsche deiner familie und besonders deiner tante und deiner cousine ganz viel kraft das durchzustehen. wir können jetzt nur das beste hoffen.
    ich finde auch, dass man dankbar für das leben sein sollte und alles schätzen sollte was man hat. nicht alles ist selbstverständlich, aber vielen ist das leider nicht bewusst.

    ganz liebe grüße an dich :*

  6. Wie hart.

    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie viel Kraft in dieser schweren Zeit und dass natürlich alles wieder gut wird!

  7. Your cousin and family are in my thoughts & prayers, I'm so sorry to hear about this. ::hugg::: stay strong!

  8. oh scheiße =( *hugs* ich hofee, hoffe hoffe , dass alles wieder besser wird! und das wird es bestimmt! :( !!1

  9. Oh, hope things gets better! Always horrible when things like this happen. :(

  10. Hugs to you Anhy! I pray things get better for her in no time *Sending love*

  11. Something similar happened to one of my cousins a few yrs.ago, so I know how it feels, very sad and worrying situation... I'm glad that you cousin is getting better each day.