Samstag, 26. März 2016

The Note Coffee, Hanoi

They were even waving haha

During my stay in Hanoi I still have to write two papers for university. It’s been hard for me to study at home though, there’s no place to sit and study actually and as much as I love my family, they’ve been quite distracting to me as well.
What to do? 
Well, I’m spending my days at random Cafés in order to read through my books. Not ideal but the best solution at the moment. In search of Cafés to hang around I found some reviews about The Note Coffee. It’s right at the Hoan Kiem Lake, not far from my place, and the reviews were quite good too. Last week I finally gave it a try.
2nd floor
Located at 64 Lương Văn Can, it’s not very difficult to find. The Café consists of three floors, you order at the main floor and then you can go upstairs and a waiter will bring you your order. 

The concept of this Café is simple but effective in my opinion. They just decorated the whole Café with Post-its. Seriously, they are everywhere! It makes the Café look a bit stuffed but nevertheless it’s very cute and for western eyes it’s definitely something “special” I’d say (haven’t seen any of that in Europe at least. But then again, we don’t have many themed Cafés, do we?).

Das Chili war aus.. wait what?

I ordered a Matcha Iced Frappuccino and a Red Velvet cake. The drink came with a note and I thought that was very sweet. Of course, they don’t write every single customer an individual note but they still make you feel good. It’s a psychological thing…

As sweet as the note was, well, so were the drink and the cake. A bit too sweet for my taste to be honest. The red velvet cake was really soft but I didn’t enjoy the butter cream (cream cheese?). I asked the waiter for a cup of water then, which he brought me immediately (for free).
Speaking of, the staff are super nice! They seem to be very young though. Well, not that that’s a problem, just something I’ve noticed haha. The waiter asked me for a picture (I guess for their social media). Usually I wouldn’t mind that kind of stuff but I was sick at that time and had a long day at school (internship), so I said no.
The waiter(s) also make the effort to talk to you a little bit and their English is quite fluent. 

Overall I liked the concept. Just a pity that my drink and cake were too sweet but maybe I shouldn’t have ordered a cake with as sweet drink to begin with. Since I still have some time left in Hanoi I might visit The Note again and try their fruit juices. I've also heard that their coffee is really delish, too.  

What do you think? 
Claustrophobic or just insanely cute? 
Tradition and modernity go hand in hand here

The Note Coffee
64 Lương Văn Can, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Phone: +84 4 3938 0468
Open from 6:30am to 11pm


  1. Das sieht ja nach einem sehr schönen und gemütlichen Café auch. Bitte mehr solche Posts! In Asien gibt es so tolle Cafés *__*

  2. Danke das du uns dieses Cafe vorgestellt hast! Dieses Jahr geht es für mich wieder nach Vietnam- Hanoi zu meiner Familie und dieses Cafe kannte ich noch gar nicht. :D Vielleicht kann ich meine Cousine überreden xD

    Sprichst du nur englisch wenn du in Cafes und Restaurants bist?

    1. Es werden noch ein paar weitere Cafe Beiträge folgen, ich hab derzeit nur etwas viel zu tun.

      Ich sprech meistens vietnamesisch, wenn ich irgendwo hingehe, zumal mein viet auch sehr gut ist. Nur ab und an ist mir nicht so nach plaudern, oder die Leute halten mich eh für eine Ausländerin und sprechen mich auf Englisch an, dann geh ich einfach darauf ein xD

    2. Achso oke danke für die schnelle Antwort :) Ich freu mich schon auf die weiteren Beiträge